Budapest, 22 December 2020 – Even though the service is relatively young, DIGI’s own mobile has come along a significant way towards the convenience of the customers in the last 1,5 years with its variety of packages and additional features such as the monthly fee subscription options, roaming services or data tracker app – all available from 1 January 2021 to DIGI/Invitel subscribers.

Digi launched its mobile services in May 2019 and since then, the list of covered residential areas has grown to more than 650 settlements.  The company announced its very first residential loyalty fee free monthly packages - DIGIMobil PLUSZ, DIGIMobil MAX and DIGIMobil Junior Option - valid from 1st of January 2021 for DIGI/Invitel customers.

Here come the advantages of DIGIMobil services, which are currently available for customers when now wish to sign a contract:

  • DIGIMobil PLUSZ package will be available at the price of 1000 HUF/month and will include 15 GB of national mobile data, 200 minutes of voice traffic towards national and EU directions as well as a fee of 4 HUF /minute for national and EU directions, after the consumption of the included minutes.
  • Containing more data, DIGIMobil MAX package comes with 30 GB of national mobile data, a fee of 4 HUF /minute towards national and EU directions for a monthly fee of 1000 HUF.
  • For DIGIMobil MAX or DIGIMobil PLUSZ packages an additional option can be purchased, called Junior for only 500 HUF/ month. The Junior option will provide an additional SIM including 10 GB of national mobile data as well as a fee of 4 HUF /minute for national and EU directions.
  • The residential tariff packages are expanded with free of tariff charge calling function feature towards domestic, fixed DIGI and Invitel networks and DIGIMobile direction, in case the call is started through VoWifi (Voice over Wifi). With compatible phone, VoWifi technology makes it possible to make and receive calls where WIFI with Internet access is available within Hungary. As from a practical approach, when customers choosing those very favourable monthly fee residential packages, any OnNet mobile calls initiated on VoWifi technology to DIGI’s mobile or DIGI/Invitel landline network are charged with 0 HUF/min. 
  • Also added to the tariff packages, roaming services will provide favourable conditions of mobile voice and data use for the subscribers in all state members of the European Union. EU roaming package (Roaming 1 Zone) includes HUF 7/min price for calls within the roaming zone and initiated to DIGI’s network in Hungary and to any other Hungarian network, while the incoming calls are charged for HUF 3.5/ min. Usage of data roaming costs HUF 540/GB.
  • Last but not least, a new feature is now available attached to the mobile package subscription: regardless of the monthly billing cycle, customers with DIGIMobil can now comfortably check the balance of their voice and mobile data traffic through Ügyfélkapu webpage and Ügyfélkapu mobile application. The webpage and mobile application of Ügyfélkapu offer the opportunity to choose from the new commercial tariff packages, as well as to change the tariff package if the voice or data frame assigned to the contracted package is not enough within the concerned monthly billing period. The data traffic feature is designed to help customers to easily track their voice and data traffic during the given month. At any time of the month concerned, the current status of the data traffic can be queried, be it the HUF outstanding balance of the used minutes or even the status of the mobile data traffic used by the client. The data tracker app is currently available and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

DIGI’s aim is to offer the most advanced technology of telecommunications services on competitive prices to as many customers as possible, therefore, the Company has continuously developing the range of services to its mobile subscribers. All the current details in connection with DIGIMobil services are available at website.