Budapest, 6 August 2020.– From mid-August DIGI customers in Szeged can fully enjoy the service benefits of cutting edge technology fiber optic cable system in their homes as the Company will make it possible to former Invitel subscribers to join DIGI’s network, by that, where technology allows, to operate align with DIGI technological standards. The newly joint DIGI contracted households will be able to receive the Company’s full spectrum service portfolio including 1 GB/sec Internet, excellent TV channel range and try out of DIGIMobil services.

In line with DIGI’s network development activities of last years, Hungary’s highly populated residential settlements on the countryside from a technological point of view have mostly been prepared to be connected to DIGI’s own fiber cable network. By that means, end users could enjoy undisturbed, high quality services of TV, Internet and fix line telephony at a very convenient price range. By connecting former Invitel customers - where technology level allows - to its own fiber to the home (FTTH) network in mid-August, DIGI will be able to provide full range of services including 1000MB/sec Internet access and mobile services in further Szeged households.

As to the note on DIGI’s history in Szeged, the last 10 years were spent on continuous technological investments in the regional capital of South Grate Plain, a cradle of exciting cultural events such as Wine Festival, famous Open-Air Szeged Summer Theater or the longest running Hungarian event among all festivals, Szeged Youth Festival. Similarly to other big cities in Hungary, in Szeged, it was 2010 when a local provider was acquired by DIGI and in that way the company could start a technical service upgrade based on those previously covered residential settlements.

Within Szeged the initial phase of providing cable and internet service at a very good price level for densely populated settlements after 2010 was soon to be jumped to the next stage of fiber network establishment. Fiber cabling in the city was first deployed in densely populated residential areas, getting the optical cables to buildings, block of flats, then later, directly to subscribers’ homes as well as to Municipality, Central Library or as a recurring contract with Szeged Youth Festival with 90 thousand visitors yearly. Fiber to the home (FTTH) technology makes it possible to provide faster broadband Internet access at an excellent quality level and due to the technological investments will be available all over Szeged for residential and business purposes.

The main advantage behind technological & customer migration of former Invitel customers is that they would be able to receive the same level of service standards at very good value for money as current DIGI subscribers. As a further step ahead for DIGI in the network infrastructure development in Szeged will be to completely get rid of the copper cable technology still available at a small percent ratio of end users, which hinders their access to fast speed broadband Internet and quality services in general.

Regarding DIGI’s latest segment on its own telco portfolio, mobile services with ‘+36 50‘ dialing code were launched in May 2019 and in Szeged almost all of residential settlements have already been covered in respect of mobile transmission signal. Therefore, newly contracted DIGI subscribers can also have the opportunity to discover the advantages of DIGIMobil.