On September 15, the preliminary document for 900MHz and 1800MHz mobile frequencies tender was published. The document incorporated several rulings that might be seen as obstacles to DIGI’s participation in the tender. Taking into consideration our previous experience in frequency tenders in the last 12 years when our applications were mostly unfairly rejected, we consider that now have been created the conditions for a new refusal of Digi.

Despite harsh market condition, DIGI has always invested heavily in its network and services, since 1998, when we have started to develop the fixed electronic communications network in Hungary. Our determination to provide high quality services contributed, in time, to Hungary's actual rather prominent 10th place in the world broadband Internet ranking.* In addition to that, competitive prices on the Hungarian DTH and fixed Internet, TV and voice services markets in general are partly due to DIGI’s presence. 

Our aim has been always to provide affordable services in order to improve the quality of living of our customers. DIGI`s experience in providing convergent mobile and fixed electronic communications services in other European countries (Spain and Romania), or as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (in Italy) encouraged us to bring new services to the Hungarian market. This is the reason why, with restrictive frequency resources, we have started last year the roll-out of our mobile communications network in Hungary.

Keeping in mind the interests of the customers, we intend to continue developing the network and increase the coverage of our mobile communications services, but the development depends of the access to supplementary frequencies.

Unfortunately, the exclusion of DIGI would force the company to offer mobile services only to a limited number of customers.

We firmly believe that the conditions of a mobile frequency tender overall should be neutral, fair, compliant to the European legislation and practice, able to provide room for more competition on the market for the benefit of the customers.

Having the support of our subscribers as a token of trust, the company will use all possible and legal means to get the opportunity to gain frequencies and fulfil its promise – unlimited connectivity.

*Source: [https://www.speedtest.net/global-index]