Szeged, 22 January 2021 – To serve the best interest and convenience of the customers and in line with the gradual technical investments in the region of the last 10 years, DIGI has opened its newest DIGI Pont in Szeged Pláza.

Following a significant technology upgrade on the fixed network as well as full mobile coverage in Szeged completed by the end of 2020, DIGI’s network now connected to FTTH (fibre to the home). It means that almost all customers have optic fibre network in their home.

Szeged in respect of applicable services is highly improved technologically as DIGI/Invitel subscribers can enjoy the benefits of 4 different integrated quality services such as broadband data transfer, digital TV, VoIP and mobile services (QuadPlay).

To be able to serve best the interest of the customers to its abilities DIGI opened its second DIGI Pont in town in Szeged Pláza, Kossuth Lajos sgrt. 119, after the first one was opened in 2016. The design of the newest, 62nd DIGI store of the country was made to reflect the modern, cutting edge technology DIGI aims to provide for its subscribers.

Upon the opening, Viktória Ruska in charge of communications at DIGI commented:

“It is with great pleasure that we are able to open our second store in Szeged, in the heart of the Great Plain. Our presence of decades in the Southern-Eastern region is deeply rooted in the trust towards DIGI by Szeged citizens. I firmly believe that the new store will be at of utmost disposal of the local residents and will fully satisfy our subscribers’ needs here in Szeged.”

Besides the newly opened store, the other DIGI Pont at 11 Dugonics Tér also welcomes customers.