Budapest, 25 September 2020 – DIGI Kft, the significant actor in Hungarian telecommunications market, decided to offer its mobile tariff as monthly fee packages from January 1st, 2021 with favourable conditions to DIGI and Invitel customers after the test period ends this year.

DIGI’s aim is to offer the most advanced technology of telecommunications services on competitive prices to as many customers as possible. The challenges of the recent period even more highlighted the importance of the modern mobile communication services and the significance of those services to be widely available and affordable to the customers.

Being thankful to so many customers loyal to the company, DIGI is continuing to develop the mobile network for the real benefit of the customers. Therefore, starting from 1st of January 2021 two residential monthly packages will be introduced: DIGIMobil PLUSZ and DIGIMobil MAX, without loyalty period. With 4G data transmission capable phones recommended by DIGI, customers can also enjoy data usage and the advantages of VoLTE that provide crystal clear sound quality. In addition to that, VoWIFI extends the coverage of the service in areas where WIFI is available.

Starting from next January, DIGIMobil monthly packages will be available with the following major conditions:





Belföldi mobilinternet adatkeret

15 GB

30 GB

10 GB

Lebeszélhető percek (hálózaton belül, belföldi és EU irányokba)

200 perc

0 perc

0 perc

Belföldi és EU irányokba indított percdíj (bruttó)

4 Ft/perc

4 Ft/perc

4 Ft/perc

Havi előfizetési díj (bruttó)

1000 Ft/hó

1000 Ft/hó

500 Ft/hó

DIGIMobil PLUSZ package will be available at the price of 1000 HUF/month and will include 15 GB of national mobile data, 200 minutes of voice traffic towards national and EU directions as well as a fee of 4 HUF /minute for national and EU directions, after the consumption of the included minutes.

Containing more data, DIGIMobil MAX package comes with 30 GB of national mobile data, a fee of 4 HUF /minute towards national and EU directions for a monthly fee of 1000 HUF.

For DIGIMobil MAX or DIGIMobil PLUSZ packages an additional option can be purchased, called Junior for only 500 HUF/ month. The Junior option will provide an additional SIM including 10 GB of national mobile data as well as a fee of 4 HUF /minute for national and EU directions.

These packages do not include roaming option yet but the conditions of the roaming will be communicated at the end of the year.

Offer will only be available for DIGI and Invitel subscribers with at least one fixed line or satellite services. DIGI has been continuously improving its network coverage. List of covered regions and more information available at

The company has been taking serious efforts through heavy investments in order to have a better coverage within the shortest period possible. In spite of any hindering authorization and cooperation procedures, DIGI is still fully committed to the future growth and network development in the mobile market in Hungary.