30 June 2021, Esztergom - The construction, expansion and modernization of the fixed internet and cable television network is taking place in Esztergom, within the framework of which the local residents can enjoy the full, wide-range, high-quality telecommunications services after the works have been completed.

In its order of May 2018, the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) approved DIGI to acquire the majority of the shares of Invitel, and by this means Invitel is operating under the auspices of DIGI Group. After the ruling of GVH, DIGI began to coordinate the telecommunications services of the two companies, during which DIGI gradually developed the acquired Invitel networks throughout the country. Within its framework the modernization of Invitel network in Esztergom Kertváros started early springtime, first phase of which has been successfully completed. The lion's share of the work - the fiber-optic modernization of the copper network- affecting Esztergom Kertváros has mostly been completed, therefore the residents of the suburb can now enjoy the benefits of the FTTH (fibre to the home) network. The next phase of the works affects other parts of Esztergom, therefore, moving from the suburb area, reconstructions will continue in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Improving the quality of services offered by DIGI is a top priority for the company: this is the aim of the modernisation of the networks and the related constructions. As a result of the upgrade, former Invitel subscribers can also enjoy the benefits of fibre to the home (FTTH) network. FTTH provides a faster, broadband internet in high quality (1000/300 Mbit/s nominal download and upload speed, and 300/75 Mbit/s guaranteed download and upload speed).

DIGIMobil services are already available for the subscribers and future subscribers in Esztergom, without loyalty period, for affordable tariff packages.

The fixed line works are expected to be completed in the upcoming months, therefore DIGI/Invitel is asking for the understanding of the residents, hoping that high-quality services will compensate both existing and future subscribers in Esztergom for possible inconveniences caused by construction projects.