Budapest, 6 July, 2021 – DIGI is unstoppably developing its network coverage of its 2-year-old mobile services.  As a result, starting from July, 25 new settlements mostly of Eastern Hungary are joined to DIGIMobil network.

2-year-old DIGIMobil continues the development of its network coverage with youthful dynamism and enthusiasm, thus DIGI’s mobile services launched in 2019 became available in 25 new settlements. Accordingly, despite its tender age, DIGIMobil provides outdoor coverage in 80% of the country in more than 800 settlements.

List of newly joined settlements:

Anarcs, Biri, Csanytelek, Csegöld, Egerbakta, Halásztelek, Ipolydamásd, Laskod, Mártély, Mátételke, Méra, Monor, Nova, Ópályi, Pátroha, Petneháza, Sajólád, Sajópetri, Szamostatárfalva, Szelevény, Szigetújfalu, Tápiószőlős, Tataháza, Tiszabura, Vaszar

Youthful dynamism is not only the characteristic of the mobile branch; in June DIGI handed over the developed central routers of its backbone network in five major cities of the countryside and in eight districts of Budapest. Additionally, DIGI also informed the public in June about the newly built FTTH network in 12 regional centres.