Budapest, 26 October 2021 – With the 28 new connected settlements from October, DIGIMobil is available in more than 900 settlements, thus providing outdoor network coverage to more than 90% of the population.

DIGI’s youngest service has come to a new milestone! After almost 2,5 years since the service was launched, with devoted and passionate work the number of settlements covered passed 900, thus providing outdoor coverage for nearly 90% of the country’s population.

The list of new settlements:

Aba, Balatonszemes, Balkány, Bucsa, Csávoly, Darvas, Dunabogdány, Érsekhalma, Gyomaendrőd, Hajdúdorog, Iklad, Isaszeg, Jakabszállás, Kardos, Kemecse, Leányfalu, Nagyszénás, Nyírbátor, Rákócziújfalu, Ruzsa, Sátoraljaújhely, Sükösd, Tiszaszőlős, Újkígyós, Újlengyel, Üllés, Zsámbék, Zsombó

DIGIMobil services are available since 2021 January in two tariff packages with favorable conditions: as DIGIMobil Plusz (with 15 GB data and 200 free minutes), DIGIMobil Max (with 30 GB data and 4 HUF/min in case of domestic calls) and as Junior option (10 GB and 4 HUF/min). DIGIMobil Max and DIGIMobil Plus are available for existing DIGI and Invitel subscribers for a reduced monthly fee of 1000 HUF, while Junior option is 500 HUF/month – also for existing customers.1

Besides DIGIMobil, DIGI has been developing its fixed line services as well. On 19 October, first on the Hungarian market, the company announced its residential 10 Gbit/s broadband service, Fiberlink 10G. Fiberlink 10G is available in certain districts of Budapest from December for gr. 5000 HUF, while Fiberlink 2.5G for a gr. 4000 HUF monthly fee.


1More information on the conditions at