Only 19 months following DIGIMobil’s launch in May 2019, its 4G availability received the best scores by end users on Opensignal’s recently published customer experience-based report. 1

Opensignal’s report analysed data on major Hungarian mobile services providers collected for 90 days starting in October 2020 in various fields. 4G Availability category shows the proportion of time 4G users were connected to a 4G network. DIGIMobil received a spectacular score of 96.7 of 100 from its customers thus winning the category.

DIGIMobil also received ‘Good Experience’ ratings in the categories of Video Experience.

Despite being the youngest mobile service operator in Hungary, DIGIMobil already has 70% outdoor coverage in the country thus providing network for more than 650 settlements.

DIGI recently started offering commercial services of its mobile tariffs as monthly fee packages from January 1st 2021.