19 March 2021, Budapest – DIGI embarked on a large-scale fixed line backbone network development in the last 8 months. The constructions lasting for months made it possible as of today for DIGI and Invitel subscribers to join to the state-of-the art fiber to the home (FTTH) network in as many as 13 settlements majority in the Eastern region. As the Company’s focal points in 2021 are technological development and quality improvement for benefits of the customers, the technological upgrade is continuing in 2021.

Founded in 1998, DIGI firstly got its foothold as cable television service provider in Hungary. Following the first decade starting at the mid 90’s, thanks to the continuous developments the Company’s portfolio was supplemented with high broadband Internet and telephony services.

As a result of the recently finished network re-establishment, DIGI/Invitel customers living in 13 settlements mostly of the Eastern region can enjoy the benefits of the cutting-edge technology FTTH provides. The newly joint residential households are now able to receive DIGI’s full spectrum service portfolio, namely the undisturbed, high quality services of TV; 1 GB/s Internet, fix line telephony at a very convenient price range. Fiber to the home (FTTH) technology makes it possible to provide faster broadband Internet access at an excellent quality level and now is available for residential and business purposes.

The newly upgraded FTTH network by now is available in the following settlements:

Berettyóújfalu, Biatorbágy, Füzesabony, Hajdúszoboszló, Heves, Kelebia, Kiskunhalas, Kisszállás, Mezőkövesd, Tát, Tokod, Tompa, Verpelét

Parallel to the newly connected fixed line FTTH network in those residential areas, DIGI has been working on the strengthening of its backbone network in order to make sure that the whole country is properly covered and ready to be connected to FTTH. The backbone network connects the bigger junctions, major roads and cities just like a skeleton that is able to bear the heavy data traffic on network.

Besides developing and upgrading the existing fix line networks, DIGI also pays special attention to expanding DIGIMobil network coverage to as many residential areas as possible.