Group performance

  • Accelerated expansion: revenues increased by 12% in Q3 2021 compared to Q3 2020, up to  € 368million and RGUs reached 19.9 million in Q3 2021, up by 12 % compared to the same period of 2020;
  • Strong overall performance with an adjusted EBITDA of €136 million (including IFRS 16) and €114 million (excluding IFRS 16) in Q3 2021, a 10% and 7% growth compared to Q3 2020;
Romania - sustained progress
  • Outstanding revenue growth of 8% in Q3 2021 (YoY) based on RGUs expansion. Pay-tv RGUs +9% up to 5.1 million, fixed internet RGUs +15% up to 3.7 million, mobile RGUs 12% up to 4.1 million;
Spain - accelerated growth 
  • Excellent revenue growth of 32% in Q3 2021 (YoY) based on strong RGUs increase. Mobile RGUs +26% up to 2.8 million, fixed internet RGUs +134% up to 393 thousand.

DIGI Communications N.V. announces on Friday, 12th of November 2021, its financial results for the nine months period ended at 30th September 2021. The Group recorded revenues of €1.1 billion, up 12% compared to the same period last year, and the revenue generating unit (RGU) base increased by 12%, indicating a substantial expansion of services provided (RGUs), amounting to 19.9 million, compared to 17.7 million (as at 30 September 2020). Adjusted EBITDA was €387million (including IFRS 16) and €325 million (excluding IFRS 16), an increase of 10% and 8% respectively compared to the previous period.

DIGI maintained its upward direction in the third quarter of 2021, with main operations in Romania and Spain, reconfirming the Group's outstanding performance. 59% of consolidated revenues were generated by activities in the main market, Romania, which accounts for 69% of total revenue-generating units. In terms of earnings performance, Spain continues to hold the second position, with accelerated dynamics in the first nine months of the year, accounting for 26% of total revenues, followed by Hungary with 14% and Italy 2%.

The significant increase of customers relationships across the Group is the driving force behind the strong results. Mobile telecom services reached 7.3 million RGUs (+ 18% RGUs increase YoY), pay-TV services reached 6 million (+ 7% RGUs increase YoY) and fixed internet services stood at 4.8 million RGUs (+ 17% increase YoY).

" DIGI Group continues its growth path and its strong performance, with consistent results in the third quarter of 2021, both financially and operationally, which is the effect of the commitments we have made to our customers, investors and partners. Our constant focus on providing our clients with reliable and quality services has led to significant growth in the number of customers served. We are grateful to our clients who have chosen DIGI's services, and to our teams for the professionalism and competence they demonstrate every day, regardless of the difficult context we are going through.

We are convinced that the coming year will be full of challenges, but also of significant opportunities for our business. Recently, we have won spectrum licenses in Portugal, which will allow the Group to expand its business on a new market, to provide high quality, affordable telecommunication services, based on the latest technologies.”  said Serghei Bulgac, CEO of DIGI Communications N.V.

The financial report for Q3 2021 can be accessed here.