Budapest, 5 October 2020 – Hero of the Day, portrait show of DIGI Sport is relaunched with a wholesome season 5 full of novelty and also with educational-infotainment intention. The show offers an exceptional opportunity for young athletes to introduce their exemplary work, perseverance, everyday struggle to the viewers, thus become the little heroes of their age.

Season 4 of DIGI Sport's Hero of the Day ended with a solemn but gripping awards ceremony. Despite the unusual half-year gap between the closing of the Hero of the Year vote and the awards gala this year, the excitement of the heroes and their coaches was intact, when it came down to which sport’s young representative could earn the Hero of the Year title and the attached reward.  

Hero of the day began its way 4 seasons ago in September 2015 with the aim of providing opportunity to introduce little-known sports through their young athletes that require just as devoting trainings as the well-deservedly popular sports, like football or water polo. In addition, the mission of the show is to seek for young, talented, persistent heroes who defy the struggles and renunciations of everyday life, in order to set an example for young people through them, even for educational purposes.

During Season 4, DIGI Sport viewers got to know 260 young athletes who shared their everyday lives and their short- and long-term goals with them. At the awards ceremony closing the 4th season, the Heroes of the Month represented a wide variety of sports, thus the finish line of the 12-month winners on stage was really colourful. Among athletes there were scuba diver, wall climber, triathlonist, canoer, taekwondoist, tennis player, boxer and wrestler. The Hero of the Year- as the notary stated during the opening of the envelope after the certified counting of votes, in an extremely tight vote - became the wrestler, Tótok Péter, who thus won the monthly HUF 100,000 scholarship of DIGI Kft., which the company provides for 12 months, thus supporting him in his further trainings. At the end of season 4, the fair play award was given to Kamilli Mirella's kick boxing competitor and her coach, Lajos Nagy, who after learning about the tragedy happened in Mirella’s former competitor’s family, immediately stepped back from the competition, therefore the Hero of the Month became the former 2nd.

Szloboda Éva gymnast coach and Nagy Laura kempo athlete were given special award. Laura, a young girl who loves the arts, competes in one of the toughest martial arts. She does her exercises with exemplary humility and turns to her masters with boundless respect. Éva Szloboda is a prominent figure in gymnastics and aerobics, who, in addition to the elements of gymnastics, also teaches and educates her students of life, all with sufficient determination and touching kindness, maternal care, and enormous discipline.

DIGI Kft., like DIGI Sport, to the best of its ability pays attention on social responsibility, to support and help the actors of its narrower and wider environment. In light of this, DIGI and DIGI Sport also reward heroes of the day, week and month.

Season 5 starts on the 5th of October – under the aegis of number 5, ie. the dial number (50) of DIGIMobil – which will introduce 265 young athletes. Thanks to DIGIMobil, which joins the show as the main sponsor in addition to the existing DIGI and DIGI Sport support – evoking the 0650 dial number of DIGIMobil – winner of the new season will receive a HUF 150,000 scholarship per month for a year.