Budapest, 13 September 2021 – As a result of the continuous DIGIMobil network developments, from mid-September residents of 13 new, mostly Pest County based settlements can enjoy the mobile services of DIGI. DIGI’s mobile service has come a long way since its launch in May 2019. Ever since, the company has been constantly developing its existing mobile network, as well as paying special attention to increasing coverage and connecting new areas. As a result of the steady developments, DIGI's youngest service now provides outdoor coverage in almost 88% of the country.

Due to the devoted works, from mid-September DIGIMobil service became available in 13 new, mostly Pest County based settlements. The list of newly covered settlements as follows:

Alsóújlak, Dunapataj, Galgahévíz, Tápióbicske, Tinnye, Lánycsók, Jászfelsőszentgyörgy, Dunavecse, Csertalakos, Nagyfüged, Szentendre, Pilisszántó, Sülysáp

DIGIMobil services are available since 2021 January in two tariff packages with favorable conditions: as DIGIMobil Plusz, DIGIMobil Max and as Junior option.