DIGI started its operation in Hungary in the mid 90s as cable television provider. As a result of the continuous developments, shortly after its kick off, the company provided not only cable TV but also broadband internet and telephone services to its subscribers.

The last couple of years in DIGI’s life have been very exciting in respect of technological and business viewpoint. The shift from being a significant satellite operator took place in parallel with the fiber optic network deployment sprung from the Eastern part of Hungary, soon expanding towards the capital then the rest of the country. The high quality, good value for money services became quickly popular on the market.

The company grew its importance not only by Invitel acquisition but moreover, the robust expansion in the field of fiber network. In addition to that, 2 years ago in May 2019 with a brave move DIGI launched its own mobile services, first in test mode then from January 2021 the commercial packages appeared in the company’s portfolio with very favorable conditions. By now, more than 800 settlements are covered by DIGIMobil. The company has always been characterized by flexibility, making its own path instead of following the major trends in telecommunication. It is not just a slogan that “The choice is simple” but it bounded as a core philosophy that still defines DIGI: the company aims to be simple, accessible and favorable with its great value for money offers to customers by providing original but basic solutions to a wide range of people.