The DIGI Group is strongly committed to a high level of customer service and aims to continuously increase the number of broadband households in its service area. Establishing a modern, future-proof network is a prerequisite for the provision of fast, stable Internet and quality television services. Therefore, the DIGI Group – in line with its current strategy - will continue to place great emphasis on its network development.
Telecommunication services:

  • Fixed line services: TV + Net + Telefon
  • DTH: Satellite TV
  • Mobile data (since 2011, as an additional service)
  • Mobile application: DIGI Online
  • Mobile services: DIGIMobil

DIGI telecommunication and Service Provider Ltd (earlier: United Hungarian Cable Television Ltd) was founded in 1998 by the merge of 6 smaller cable television companies. As a result of continuous developments, the company's portfolio soon included a service that offered cable TV; unlimited broadband Internet and telephony for a low monthly fee.
DIGI Kft. - by expanding its optic network - also launched its cable service in the countryside. In a short time, excellent value-for-money packages became very popular in the covered areas. The range of quality services has further expanded the customer base of the company, which by the end of 2009 had almost 600,000 subscribers.

The launch of DTH services has increased the company’s popularity. The packages of very favourable prices were a huge success in the year of the launch: they brought more than 100,000 new subscribers and created positive price competition on the market. In just two years, nearly half a million people had chosen DIGI’s DTH service, which still has one of the largest number of subscribers in Hungary.

In 2009 DIGI established its first, own-created thematic TV channel, DIGI Sport 1, which has gained a reputation of an admirable sparts channel.
In 2011, DIGI Kft. launched its mobile data service, which provides greater freedom and undisturbed internet access almost anywhere. Regarding DIGI's customer-friendly pricing policy, the new service was also well received.
Thanks to the broadcasting rights owned by DIGI Sport – as well as various magazine programs – the total audience viewing figures of DIGI Sport, which is available in nearly 1,300,000 households now, is getting higher week by week*.
On March 14, 2011, DIGI offer was expanded with another self-produced sports channel: DIGI Sport 2, which, in addition to football matches, also made it possible to broadcast tennis, motorsports, athletics or other similarly popular sporting events.
In order to expand the range of programme offerings, DIGI launched 4 more thematic channels at the end of 2012: Film Now, DIGI Life, DIGI World and DIGI Animal World. The new channels offer quality entertainment to DIGI subscribers 24/7, without interruption.
In addition to the channels, the company has made significant improvements to its residential Internet service: at the beginning of July 2014, it increased the bandwidth of its previous Internet packages to a 2.5 times faster one, then on July 2015, it introduced Hungary's fastest residential fixed Internet package, DIGINet 1000.
In October 2014, by winning the mobile frequency tender, DIGI planned to build and operate a network providing an independent voice and data traffic service (mobile phone and Internet) in Hungary as well.
On June 1, 2015, the company implemented another increase in Internet bandwidth, for the second time in a year.  For example, instead of the smallest package with a download and upload speed of 50/30 Mbps, DIGI subscribers were able to surf online at twice the speed: 100/50 Mbps. The speed increase applied to all Internet packages.

At the beginning of October 2015, the company launched its streaming service called DIGI Online. Starting from then DIGI customers with both television and internet subscriptions were able to take their favourite TV channels with them anywhere, anytime!
On October 24, 2015, DIGI reached another milestone: it launched its third sports channel, DIGI Sport 3.
In 2017 DIGI acquired Invitel's residential and small business branch, making it one of the largest telecommunications service providers in the country and significantly expanding its service area.

In May 2019, the DIGIMobil service was launched, which during the test period was used by DIGI and Invitel subscribers in the settlements of the covered area. During the test period, DIGIMobil provided unlimited data traffic with faster mobile calls and excellent voice quality. From 2021 January DIGIMobil residential tariff packages were available: DIGIMobil PLUSZ and DIGIMobil MAX, and Junior option. Currently the outdoor coverage is available in more than 85% of the country; the service is being expanded and developed continuously.

Besides its mobile services DIGI develops and updates it already existing fix line network, and builds its state-of-the art optic network. DIGI aims to provide its FTTH network with excellent infrastructure and 1 GB nominal download capacity.
Popularity of DIGI’s services is proved by its second place in Hungarian telco market in television segment regardless of technology with 28,3% market share, 22,6% on fix line broadband internet and 22,1% telephony.**

* NMHH – December, 2015
** NMHH 2021. március